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Quiz tomorrow on Intro to Sociology
- Early sociologists handout
- Handout on the theoretical perspectives on sociology
- Notes on ideal type
Paper on A Beautiful Mind is due Friday 3/24
Quiz tomorrow 3/8 on Anxiety Disorder packet
Paper on Sigmund Freud's Theories due 2/16. Please print and attach rubric
Bring Cards or something to play memory to class! and take 1st lunch tomorrow
Faceblind/Prosopagnosia Test
Go to the following link
Take the faceblind test. It will take you about 20 minutes
You may also take the famous faces test
When you are finished you will write a response of at least a half page-page discussing the following
1. Discuss your scores and how they relate to the average scores. Are you surprised or is this about what you would think your scores would be? Explain
2. Evaluate the test. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the actual test itself.
3. If you were conducting the research is there anything about the test itself that you would have done differently? Explain why
4. Are there any other factors besides your ability to recognize faces which would have affected the results of the test. Discuss
5. After taking the test how would,you assess your own ability to recognize faces? How would you rate your face recognition ability on a scale of 1-10.? Support your answer using results of this test but also with life experiences.

This assignment will count as a homework grade.
Your response can be submitted to the drop box, printed or shared as a google doc.
Quiz on Classical Conditioning Tuesday
Class assignment for 12/7
Read ch 7 section 1 on Altered States of Consciousness. Complete the section review on pg 190 writing a paragraph for each question. Also write a 1/2 page to a page discussing your dreams. Explain what it is that you dream about, if you have any dreams that reoccur and what, if anything, you think dreams mean and why.
You must turn this assignment in before the end of class to receive credit. This will not be accepted late.
Classical Conditioning in Advertising
For homework due on Wednesday 12/7. Find 3 television advertisements and write a paragraph for each discussing how the advertisement uses pleasant stimuli to give people positive feelings toward their product. Label all four parts of the condtioning taking place through the advertisement and be sure to explain any other pro's or con's to the ad as well as what service or product the commercial is for.
Quiz on Adolescence notes, Kohlberg's Theory and Erikson's Theory on Psychosocial Develeopment
Mean Girls response paper due by next Tuesday 11/22
Test on Monday 11/7
The test will cover the following topics.
Ch 3 Sections 1 and 2 as well as the portion of section 3 covering the parenting styles
Prenatal Development Powerpoint handout-know each stage and some of the things that happen during each
The genetic disorders covered in class(Turner, Noonan, Marfan, Progeria, Long QT, Cat eye,)
Physical Development in Childhood notes
*Cognitive Development in Childhood (Piaget Handout)
Parenting styles handout
Attachment theories covered on pg 77
Interview an adult (over 30) about parenting styles.
Do a quick interview with an adult (No more than 10 minutes) Create five interview questions about how THEY were raised by their parents.
For example
- Describe the decision making process with you and your parent(s) during your childhood or adolescent years.
- What were some typical punishments you can recall from childhood and do you feel that punishments were usually fair?

You may use one of these if you'd like but create four original questions.
Take notes during your interview or even record it if your subject gives you permission.
When your interview is complete you must type up a reflection discussing the responses given by your subject. Discuss your reaction to the subject's childhood experiences and identify which parenting style you feel was being used and explain why. Your response should be about 1 page typed.
Also, discuss which category you believe YOU have been raised by and explain why.
Your response paper is due by 11/14
Link for Prader Wili Syndrome Video
If you'd like to watch the rest. This is part 2 of 3.

Genie Case Study
Read the case study of Genie on page 69 in your text book. Also watch the first two segments of the following you tube video until about minute 16.


Write a minimum of 1/2 page to a page discussing the following:
-What is your general reaction/feelings to the situation?
-What do you think researchers hoped to discover by documenting this case study?
-Do you think the researchers were right to subject Genie to this amount of scrutiny and testing? Discuss

Your response is due Tuesday
Genetic Disorders
These are a few options/topics from which you may choose to conduct your research project.
Down Syndrome

Bloom's Syndrome
Long QT Syndrome
Turner Syndrome
Klinefelter Syndrome
Noonan Syndrome
Prader-Wili Syndrome

Here is a link for more

Quizlet for Ch 2 section 1 and 2 quiz
Extra Credit - Bring in a box of tissues for points on the first test
Lucy Story directions
On Tuesday in class listen to the case study of Lucy from minutes 6:30-16 and then skip ahead and listen from minutes 21 to 36.
As you are listening respond to the questions provided.
Sign up a a member of this class
Test Thursday 9/22 on Ch 1 Sec 1-3
The test will cover
-notes on the origins and definition of psychology
-the four goals of psychology
-the multiple perspectives of the field of psychology discussed in chapter 1 section 2-
-the numerous subfields of psychology discussed in class notes as well as in ch 1 section 3
Class Assignment Researching Careers in Psychology
Using the internet find specific jobs which require some background or training in psychology. Copy and paste five job descriptions to a word document. Underneath each job description write a short paragraph discussing your level of interest in the job, what you feel some of the pros and cons of this job might be and why you would or would not apply for the job.

Also, watch the following you tube video and read the descriptions of each career. Write a short paragraphing discussing which one might seem to be the most interesting and appealing to you and discuss why.


You will then print it out or google share the document.
Web sites to consider using.
Quiz on Wednesday 9/14 on psychological perspectives discussed in ch 1 section2
Discussion Topics
No "Homework" exist(s)

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